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GenTent 10k Generator Tent Running Cover - Universal Kit (Standard, TAN LIGHT) - Compatible with 3000w-10000w Portable Generators -FREE SHIPPING
GenTent 10k Generator Tent Running Cover - Universal Kit (Standard, TAN LIGHT) - Compatible with 3000w-10000w Portable Generators -FREE SHIPPING
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Universal cover size fits most portable generators over 3000W up to 10000W  INCLUDES:DUROMAX= DUROSTAR

 $ 145.99   FREE SHIPPING 

Product Description

"Never run a generator in a garage or shed even with the doors open. Don’t let it run in the rain unless it’s covered by a model-specific tent, designed to shield the unit from the elements while still allowing it to vent properly." Paul Hope, Consumer Reports

Run your portable or inverter generator with confidence! Patented, Independent Lab Tested, and Multiple Storm Proven; GenTent is the only ENGINEERED product on the market that keeps generators safe to use in rain and severe weather, while protecting your family and investments from harm.

Our personal fit process ensures that if you give us your generator's make & model, we'll find the right GenTent for you!

Run your generator in rain, snow, ice & wind. Easy 3 step setup. Running cover for your generator.

Three easy steps to WeatherProof your Power!

GenTent has been engineered and custom fit to THOUSANDS of portable generators on the market.

Our patented self attaching clamp system makes installation easy! No tools required!

  • Step 1: Clamp it - Self attaching clamp system connects to your portable generator's existing frame - keeping your generator portable!
  • Step 2: Frame it - Dual cast fiber glass rods mount to the clamp system which adjusts to fit a thousands of different portable generator sizes!
  • Step 3: Cover it - Our WATERPROOF dual coated canopies cover the frame and secures to the clamp system creating a fully protective system, while maintaining the cooling profile of your portable generator.

Our UNIVERSAL fit model for open frame generators includes four frame adapters that can be used on square or round tubular frames, as well as for panels or muffler heat shield blocking direct clamp mounts. The frame adapters can also be used for extending your generator frame length and width on small generators.

***This model is for open framed portable generators. If you have a RIDGID RD series, generators with non-folding handles, Honda EU7000is or similar fully encased inverter generators, please check other listings or go direct to GenTent for these models. ***

GenTent Keeps Your Generator Safe, Dry, & Portable!

GenTent Running Covers protect your generator but keeps your generator safe, dry, cool and portable.

GenTent Safety Canopies not only keep your portable or inverter generator dry - but also maintains the cooling profile.

  • Our patented design allows the GenTent to serve as a watershed perimeter for your portable generator while keeping your intake, vents, and exhaust all free to operate as they were intended.
  • The self attaching clamp system and fiberglass rods serve as a strong protective frame for your generator; maintaining consistent air flow for your generator to run at its PEAK performance.
  • The vented top cap with welded seams keeps a water tight canopy while allowing for any wayward hot air to escape the protective system.
  • GenTent's engineered ventilation system keeps your generator protection flexible and durable in forecast winds up to 70 MPH.
  • The self attaching electrical apron can be outfitted to either the short or broad side of your generator; allowing protection for your electric panel, and customization for THOUSANDS of different portable generators.

GenTent Products are Designed to Last

GenTent 10K Stormbracer Standard Edition - generator tent and running cover for portable generator.
GenTent Running Cover - Universal Kit - Standard Edition 3000w-10000w
Can Be Used While Your Generator is Running? Yes
Fits Nearly All Portable Generators? Yes
Withstand Winds up to 70MPH? Yes
Waterproofs Severe Wet Weather? Yes
Can Handle Up to 18" Snowload? Yes
Generator Stays Portable? Yes
Easy to Install? Yes (10 Min Avg)
Cost 169.99

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