Winco 55/46.4kW 55PTOC4-18/1 Power Take Off (PTO) Generator 277/480V 3PH, 1000RPM-FREE SHIPPING




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Winco 55/46.4kW 55PTOC4-18/1 Power Take Off (PTO) Generator 277/480V 3PH, 1000RPM-FREE SHIPPING
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Winco 55/46.4kW 55PTOC4-18/1 Power Take Off (PTO) Generator 277/480V 3PH, 1000RPM
TAX FREE Except PA-Calif-Wash-OK

Model #: 205514-181

  • Proven strength and durability for over 60 years
  • Provides clean power
  • A large 3 1/2″ frequency meter ensures the proper output.
  • Circuit breaker provides clear and instant identification of a tripped circuit.
  • Protective PTO Shield
  • 5-Wire Anderson Full Power Plug Included
  • 100% Load Tested

Winco Tractor Driven PTO Generator - 55PTOT4-18, 46.4 kW Continuous, 1000 RPM, Three-Phase, 277-480 Volt

  • 46,400 Continuous Watts; 55,000 Watts Standby 
  • Pairs with a 110 HP tractor engine, providing PTO power to operate within specification.
  • Connection friendly design uses a 1 3/8 inch six spline connection at the generator to connect to the tumble bar (T-bar) drive shaft (add at checkout)
  • 100% copper windings, rotating field brushless type design, and the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) with auxiliary winding provide Winco PTO generator owners stronger motor starting capacity and a longer operating life
  • Heavy duty bar and ring shell, maintenance-free single bearing, rugged cast iron gear casing, helical gears, and a protective steel PTO guard shield are but a few of the Winco quality attributes loyal operators count on for reliability, durability, and return on investment
  • Rodent protection as just about every agricultural environment is home to many critters just looking for trouble
  • Ground lug for protection when storms hit
  • Line bored as mated pair to within 3/1000th of an inch 
  • Optional PTO drive shaft, PTO trailer kit, and manual transfer switches available 
  • Operator friendly large Frequency Meter makes monitoring and adjusting power from the tractor seat simple
  • Full power Anderson receptacle mounted on generator and plug (shipped with generator) makes harnessing the total potential power of the generator easy
  • Full power receptacle cover lip protects the receptacles from the elements
  • 3 Year Warranty standard

An American built favorite and Le Center, Minnesota's own WINCO 55PTOT4-18 is designed to start motors to keep your farming, agricultural, hobby farm, or ranch operation running even when the main grid power is out or you need remote power around your barns, buildings, or on the "back 40."  Our farming clients have been well pleased by the buck boost transformer as it provides consistent high voltage levels during starting and simultaneous running of heavy impact loads providing the 55PTOT4-18 PTO generator the ability of starting a 25 HP code G capacitor motor.  Our row crop, pig farmer, turkey farmer, poultry operators, beef cattle, and various other agricultural operations clients come to us wanting a world class PTO generator that won't quit when livestock, produce, drying operations, planting, harvesting operations, and other bottom line generating activities are on the line, time sensitive, and unfortunately, susceptible to a less-than-accountable power grid.  When your ag operations or homestead cannot quit and you need backup power, count on Winco's proven American brand PTO generator that is machined, wound, assembled and tested in their Le Center, Minnesota facility.


Manufacturer Winco
Model Number 205514-181
SKU 55PTOT4-18
Generator Grade Commercial, Industrial, Professional, Semi-Professional
Generator Style PTO Generator
Special Features AVR, 1800 RPM, 3-Phase, 50 Amp Plug, Full Power Plug, Brushless Alternator, Built In America, Copper Windings


Engine/Motor Brand PTO
Fuel Type PTO
Starting System PTO
Engine/Motor Type None


Portability/Wheel Kit Trailer, Add @ Checkout
3 Point Hitch Add @ Checkout
PTO Trailer Add @ Checkout
PTO Drive Shaft/T-Bar Add @ Checkout


Warranty 3 Years


Built In United States


Weight (Lbs.) 700
Ship Weight (Lbs.) 745
Unit Dimensions 37"L x 21.0"W x 24.3"H
Ship Dimensions (Box) 43.5"L x 27.0"W x 26.0"H
Agency Compliance CARB (California), EPA
California Destination-Operators-Buyers Warning Click Here For California Proposition 65 Warning


Full Power Plug
Full Power Plug
Brochure/Specification 2
Owner Manual
Warranty T & C
Installation Guide/Manual
Surge Start Watts 55,000
Continuous Rated Watts 46,400
Prime Rating Watts 46,400
Standby Rating Watts 55,000
Voltage 277, 480 3-Phase
Rated Amps @ 480 Volts (3-Phase) 55
PTO Input RPM Speed 1000
Tractor HP Required 110
Motor Starting HP Rating 25
Generator To Drive Shaft T-Bar Connection 1 3/8 Inch 6 Splined Input Shaft
Drive Shaft T-Bar To Tractor Connection 1 3/8 Inch 21 Splined Input Shaft
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase 3-Phase
Power Factor 1.0
Poles 4
Alternator Brushless
Copper Windings 100%
Voltage Regulation +/- 1%
Total Harmonic Distortion Less Than 5%
Circuit Breakers 75 Amp
Bonded Neutral (Y/N) Bonded Neutral To Ground
Control Panel Display Yes, Frequency Meter
Insulation Class H


Transfer Switch Add @ Checkout
Transfer Switch Style Manual Transfer Switch

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