Zombie Box Ultimate Package Deal: Large 'ArmorPlate' Box + ZPipe + Free Delivery




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Zombie Box Ultimate Package Deal: Large 'ArmorPlate' Box + ZPipe + Free Delivery
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Zombie Box Ultimate Package Deal: Large 'ArmorPlate' Box + ZPipe + Free Delivery
Generator Enclosures

Portable Soundproof Enclosures

 Generator & equipment Noise Control

ZombieBox is a portable, weatherproof, noise reducing enclosure for portable or standby generators, compressors, industrial equipment, pumps, vacuums, blowers, electronic, medical and laboratory equipment. Collapsible and weatherproof, it reduces noise by up to 5X or 99%, it increases the life cycle and efficiency of your equipment, and improves overall comfort and safety.

ZombieBox is the WORLD'S FIRST, and only, patented noise reducing portable noise control system. The unique universal design allows anyone with equipment the ability to reduce the noise intensity of portable generators and other machinery without inhibiting airflow or cooling requirements.  

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Perfect for festivals, events, contractors, food trucks, vacation homes, cabins and more! Designed to be portable and self-supporting, these innovative appliances can be assembled on location, without tools, in under 3 minutes!  No permits required in ALL 50 states - OSHA, city and county noise ordinance compliant!

Designed with both noise reduction and weather protection in mind, ZombieBox enclosures can be used in applications where noise and weather is a concern. It is also built to withstand permanent outdoor storage and long-term use of your generator, sheltering it from rain, snow, people, or blowing dirt and debris.

ZombieBox goes way beyond noise and weather protection! Our enclosures are being used by Federal and State agencies, Military, Research Labs, Nuclear facilities, Data centers, Intel agencies, and Police and Fire to protect more sensitive types of equipment from malicious modern day threats and attacks. With sometimes millions of dollars or human life at stake, our enclosures provide additional security and protection against EMP emissions, machinery eves dropping, and various types of RF and acoustic attacks.

Acoustical effectiveness of our “Standby” enclosure on a Generac 22kw 100% loaded generator

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

The ZombieBox was so easy to put together! I’m 66 yrs old and moving the pieces was no problem. You guys are awesome!
— Wayne P. Sparta, GA
We have one for our business. We don’t look back one second on this purchase! These guys are the real deal!
— Daily Ritual. Hollywood, FL
I love it!! Couldn’t imagine not having it. It cuts the noise down to impressively acceptable levels, great for music venues and wineries. The quality is top notch and I’ve never had a problem with overheating. We run it in rain snow or shine! Bottom line... a great investment and I love it!
— Craig E. Richmond, VA
“Was at a food Truck festival last night... three trucks in a row using ZombieBoxes! The two other trucks bought theirs after seeing ours in action.”
— Allan M. Boston, MA
“Love my ZombieBox! It works awesome to reduce noise and looks cool!”
— Dia De Los Tacos. Honolulu, HI
“I knew I would need an enclosure of some kind for my generator. I had searched on the Internet for some time for a solution that would address all the concerns. I found some commercial options but the cost of enclosure was double if not triple the cost of the generator, not to mention a great big bulky box that would take up a lot of yard space. However, I was very fortunate to come across the Zombie box! Upon reading the product description and watching the online video on how this box really worked, I was blown away! Here at last was an enclosure that addressed all my needs, not over priced, and it was modular.

Rest assured, this product works as advertised. Assembling the enclosure does not take a long time. It greatly reduces the noise when the generator is in operation. The exhaust fan on top lid efficiently vents the heat to the outside and having the ability to lock it up so no one can gain access to your generator is very nice. I have no regrets purchasing this enclosure for my generator and if your situation is similar to mine, I highly recommend you do the same!”
— Gary S. Waynesboro, VA
“My neighbor bought one about a year ago.. The construction and finish is top notch. The sound is cut down by a good 75%. You can stand next to the box with the generator under load and have a normal conversation”
— Brian S. Dallas, TX
“I’ve run it in some very hot, humid, summer weather under direct sunlight . Never had an overheating issue. This is a very well designed piece of equipment. It is essential for our business to have a quiet generator. The added protection from the elements is a bonus. One of the best investments I have made for my food truck.”
— Midnight Smoker BBQ. Chesterfield, VA

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